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To: "Chuck Wolfram"
Subject: Thanks for message
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2003 18:38:09 -0400

Hi Chuck,

Thanks for sending me that lovely inspirational message. I've forwarded it on to friends who will appreciate it too.

I was planning to contact you anyway. I found the passenger records for Henry G. Wolfram and family. Gehard (sic) Wolffram age 48, and Hermann age 12 arrived aboard the State of Indiana on June 15, 1883. Ports of embarkation were Glasgow & Larne. Wilhelmine Wolffran (sic) age 47, Carl (Charles) age 5, Emil age 3, and Mathilde age 18 arrived aboard the State of Pennsylvania on Dec. 8, 1883. Same ports of embarkation.
Found in Germans to America 1875 to 1888.

I'm leaving this coming weekend for a two week vacation with Frank and Bernie & Mike. I'm really looking forward to this vacation.

Love to all of you,