Barbara (?)

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     Barbara (?) married Christian Meyer, son of Jacob Meyer. Barbara (?) and Christian lived in 1717 in Langenzell, Baden, Germany.1 Barbara (?) immigrated with her her husband Christian Meyer circa 1717 to Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.1,2


Christian Meyer b. c 1672, d. Jun 1751


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Bishop Heinrich Funck

M, b. circa 1694, d. 1760
Father-CANHans Funck b. 1661, d. 5 Sep 1734
Mother-CANVerena (?) b. 1671, d. 1741
ChartsAncestors of Chuck Wolfram
     Bishop Heinrich Funck was born circa 1694 in Richen, Baden, Germany.1 He was the son of Hans Funck and Verena (?) Heinrich was the probable son of Hans Funck and Verena Funck.1 In 1734 his name was also recorded as Henry Funk.2 Bishop Heinrich Funck immigrated in 1719 to Pennsylvania.3 He married Anna Meyer, daughter of Christian Meyer and Barbara (?). Bishop Heinrich Funck and Anna lived in Indian Creek, Franconia Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.3 Bishop Heinrich Funck witnessed the deed of Samuel Meyer on 14 November 1729 in Franconia Township, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.4 Bishop Heinrich Funck was taxed on a 150 acres situated next to the property owned by Samuel Mayer Jr and Hans Mayer Jr.5 He died in 1760 in Franconia Township, Philadelphia County, now Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.3 He left a will on 13 June 1759 in Franconia Township, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.6,7 The transcript of the Will read:
Francony Township, the 13th of June, 1759

The Last Will and Testament of me, Henry Funck

Whereas we know we have no permanent station in this World of Trouble, But must by Death depart therefrom in hopes of a Better Kingdom: It is therefore in my mind as if my departure were Nigh at hand, Though ye time in unknown to me. And as God has blesfed me and my late wife with a numerous Family of Children, as well as my Endeavors in obtaining a Livelihood, I do, therefore, Judge it to be my Duty to put it down in Writing what I ordain shall be observed after my sd. Departure. And as it is hard for me to see how I shall Order all things right, I shall therefore herein act as well as I can according to the best of my understanding as followeth. And do hereby wish unto all herein Concerned, Peace and Righteousness, in ye Name of the Lord.

First, after I am departed from this Life, I desire to be decently buried after our usual and Christian manner.

Secondly, all my Funeral Expenses and all my just Debts shall be previously paid out of my Estate, That no person may suffer Loss thereby.

3. As on the 8th day of July, 1758, my first Wife Anne died; and as there is no Second, no regulations on that account are necessary.
4. For as much as my Daughter Esther is lame in all her Limbs, and to this day can neither Stand nor Walk alone herself, nor any likelihood appears She ever will, therefore, it is necessary this my daughter should be provided with her maintenance. I do, therefore, as Father, give her: First, a good, complete, new suit of apparel, such as is usual amongest us: Secondly, a Bedsted and a good Bedding ye same, Viz: under and over Bed and Pillows, all well cased or covered; Thirdly— £400, I say four hundred Pounds, Good Current Money out of my Lands: Fifthly—As my late Father-in-Law, Christian Meyer, bequeathed, unto ye sd lame Esther, the sum of three pounds, Which said three Pounds I have received, and ye same shall also be added for ye use of ye said Esther, with ye interest thereof. It is therefore my Will ye said Esther shall of ye same what I, by ye Divine Blessings have been Enabled to bequeath and give unto her, be well maintained and attended by my Execures, and her Brethren and Sisters, by reason of her being in so poor and helpless a Condition.

5. For, and in which case, and ye management thereof, I do appoint as Directors therein, ye Elders in the Congregation of Christ, (named ye Mennonites) wherein I was a Servant Minister a long Time, namely Christian Meyer and Michael Dirstein, and their Succefsors in ye ministry with Consent of their follow ministers; And if in contrary to my Expectations through or by reason of any accidents or alteration befalling my Execurs or my Heirs, it should happen that their Love towards their said poor Sister should decrease, And she be not duly regarded or attended I do then in such case fully Impower ye sd Elders and Ministers of ye aforesd. Congregation, to Call my Exors or their Heirs and Exors. to an account in regard of all what I have given unto ye sd. Esther and to take all what is left thereof into their Custody and thereout as long as it lasts provide for ye sd Esther; put her to a Good place and pay for ye same. And after Esther is departed this Life, and everything relating her paid off, then the remainder thereof, if any, shall go unto my heirs, And I am in hopes, my Exors. and heirs, as well as the Elders of ye sd Congregation will Accept of this of me in Good part and observe their Christian Duty herein in Regard of ye sd. poor Esther, Which divine favour may Grant. Item—It is also my Will that beside the sd new Suit of Apparel and Bed for the sd. Esther. All her future new apparel and Bedding shall be bought and paid out of ye abovesd. money unto her Given, and whichsoever Shall best keep and provide the sd. Esther shall have her first and keep her; That is to say, for £12, I say Twelve Pounds Yearly of Good Current Money out of her abovesd. Estate; And if by reason of any accidental Increase of Infirmities, that should not be enough yearly, then an addition shall be made thereto, at ye Discretion and with Concent afsd. In this manner, It is my Will, that ye sd. Esther shall be kept in health and Sicknefs, in meat and Drink and Lodging, and be kept clean in Washing and mending of Clothes and Bedding, and also be kept clean of Lice and other vermin as well as all other uncleannefs.

6. My Eldest son John Funck shall gratis Enjoy his having got his Trade and have £5, I say Five Pounds, in Money besides, and over, and above his Equal Share which he is to have with his other Brethren and Sisters.

7. For and as touching my Lands whereon I livd, I have certain 137 acres, I say one hundred and thirty-seven acres, and 146 perches thereof, heretofore given unto ye pofsefsion of my son Christian Funck. For 136 acres whereof he shall pay £362, I say Three Hundred and Sixty-two Pounds, And in consideration of the remaining Bneitere and 146 perches thereof, he shall leave unto ye Miller (my son Abraham Funck), Sufficient ground and room on ye sd land for his Mill-Dam and head and tail race for ye accommodation of the said Mill, in such manner as may best be done and as the same is occupied at present, and occasion no hindrance in Regard of Water of the sd Mill. On the other Hand, if sd Miller shall let him who [HID]page 429[HID]hath the afsd Plantation (as ye residuary part of ye same Track of Land) have a road by or near the sd Mill House and Mill into his field toward ye Burying Ground; And as there is yet besides Remaining certain other 63 Acres, I say Sixty-three Acres and 19 perches of land of ye samer Track, Which with ye sd Mill on ye same, and all the utensils to ye sd Mill belonging Together with all other ye Buildings thereon. I have heretofore given into ye Pofsefsion of my son Abraham Funck, and Valued to him at £338, I say Three Hundred and Thirty Eight Pounds, Yet so that I reserve to live thereon as long as I Will, or live.

8. The paymts for ye sd Plantation and for the sd Mill and Land shall be payable in one and ye same manner; First after my Decease ye sd Christn Funck shall pay unto the sd Esther ye Interest of Two hundred Pounds, yet only at four per cent, In like manner ye sd Abraham Funck shall pay ye same of Two hundred Pounds at four Per Cent. And then the sd Christian Funck shall on ye first May Fair or Fall ffair next after my Decease which first happens, pay of the principal sum, the sum of £25, I say Twenty-five Pounds. In like manner, Abraham Funck shall pay the same sum, And so they are to continue respectively to pay Every year until ye whole is paid. And when Esther's monies are so paid off, Then my Executors may put ye same out into Trusty hands on Interest, and if to my Children then take only four Per Cent thereon. But if my Executors for want of Trusty Hands can't put out ye sd monies, Then my Exors. shall not be liable to account for any Interest thereof, And when Esther is departed this Life, my Children are to pay no further Interest thereof, but pay ye principal sum as is Justly due.

9. There shall be no Vendue be held by Reason of Uneasinefs, and my movable Goods, my heirs may sell and divide amongst themselves as well as they Can. And as relating my outstanding Debts, they shall be collected in manner as I have done hetherto, so as not to sue any person for it. But whatever is or shall be deemed as lost, may be lost. And my heirs shall leave all such bad Debts uncollected, As I hope the Divine Blefsing will make it up to them another way which article I would not have neglected.

10. It is also my Earnest Will That Immediately after my Decease and Burial, £5, I say five pounds Currt Money shall be paid into ye Alms box of and for ye Congregation afsd (named ye Mennonists), amongst whome I served a long Time in ye Ministry. And likewise, as in Thankfulnefs to ye Lord, If the said Esther should by Divine favour be Enabled to walk, or in Case and when she in her present Indigent State is called by the Lord by Death to go out of the Misery of this World to Eternal rest. At ye fullfilling of Either of which Cafes when the sd Esther is delivered from her present life of misery, The sum of £10, I say Ten Pounds shall then immediately without any Evasion be paid out of ye sd Estate into ye Alms of ye Congregation afsd.

11. After due partition is made unto Every one of his Inheritance and Legacy as is in this my Will Contained and is Deducted out of my Estate, It is my Will That ye remainder of whatsoever Name, be it movable Goods or Money or outstanding Debts, as also what my Married Children have heretofore received and is put down in Writing in my Book for that Purpose; shall be reckoned together. And that shall all be in Equal parts Divided amongst my Nine Children, namely my sons, John, Henry, Christn and Abraham Funck; and my Daughters, namely Barbara, Anne, Mary, Fronicka and Elisabeth Funck. But such of them as have heretofore received a good Deal, shall not receive anything until such as have had lefs, are Equal wth them. So that my sd Nine Children's Shares shall be Equal, And such who have received too much, shall refund in proportion afsd.

12. As the Land whereon Jacob Bare now lives I purchased of Ebenezer Kinnersly, of whom I have a Deed for the same, and I gave him Bonds for ye Money, so that I have to this Time paid for the sd Land inclusive of ye Charges and ye Interests gradually accruing thereon a sum of £84---I say Eighty-four Pounds, 3 Shillings and 5 Pence, Besides for ye same Land, the sum of £50, I say Fifty Pounds is due by a Bond unto Dirk Johnson. Now if ye sd Jacob Bare or his heirs Do pay ye sd Debts for the sd Land; Then my Executors shall give him my Deed for ye sd Land, with all my right therein, To hold to him, his heirs and afsigns, and also for the same, make and Execute a Deed unto him (out of the said Deed) Which shall be deemed as Valid as if I, myself, had acted therein: But in case my Executors and heirs are obliged to pay ye sd Debt for ye sd Land, Then they shall have power to sell a part of ye sd Land, and make a title as afsd to the purchaser of ye same in order to reimburse themselves of ye sd Debt for ye said Land,--- And then leave all ye Remainder of the sd Land to ye sd Jacob or his heirs and in such Case make him a Deed for such remainder of the sd Land only in manner abovesd.

13. And as I have also purchased a Tract of Land of 166 Acres of ye Mannor Lands on ye upper part of a Branch of Perckyomy, for £160, I say one hundred and Sixty Pounds, and I have paid for the sd Land, and I have a Deed for ye same, Which sd Land my son Henry Funck shall have to him, his heirs and afsigns. But as I have been at Sundry Charges of making ye Deed, of making Improvements on ye sd Land, and paying for Nails, &c., all which Together, whatsoever the same may be I do Totally Estimate at £180, I say one hundred and Eighty Pounds to be paid for ye same after my Decease in Certain Terms of Payment, To-wit: On ye first Ensuring Fall Fair, £10, I say Ten Pounds. The second Fall ffair, £15, I say ffifteen Pounds. And so on every Fall Fair, £15, until ye whole is paid off. Butt if any of ye sd paymts. remains unpaid at ye Time Appointed; the same shall from thenceforth pay Interest for ye maintenance of the said Esther—But after ye Decease of sd Esther no Interest shall be paid by my heirs for their sd payments.

14. It is also my Will and orders That as soon as Conveniently may be done after my Decease, my Sons, Henry, Christian and Abraham Funck shall have Deeds for their Lands herein given unto them respectively out of my Patent and Deeds for ye same Together with all my Right I have therein, To hold to them theirs heirs and afsigns, which Deeds my Four Sons shall Execute and make unto Each Other; which shall be as Good and Valid as if I myself were acting therein. But if any of these my sd Sons should happen to Die before the same is accomplished, and leaves heirs of his Body, Then ye Exors. of Such, so Deceased shall joyn with my other Sons afsd in ye Execution of ye sd Deeds, Which shall then be also as Good and Valid as if such my Deceased Son had done it himself. But if any one of them should behave himself Disobediently to these Presents, Then such as are obedient thereto shall Execute ye sd Deeds, which shall then stand and be as Good as if I had done it myself. And none other of my heirs shall henceforth have any Claim to any of ye sd Tracts of Land whatsoever. And it is also my further Will that at ye Execution and Delivery of ye afsd Deeds, the owners of the Lands therein Contained as afsd, Shall then respectively give Security in obligatory Writings unto my Exors., That they respectively will pay in Lawful Money the aforesd Consideration sums for ye same Land as is herein before ordained by this Will.

15. And I do hereby appoint my two sons John Funck and Christian Funck to be my Executors, and fully Impowered to act agreeable hereto relating my whole Estate, and as Co-heir to Superintend ye whole managemt in manner afsd; and more Especially relating my beloved lame Daughter, Esther and her Estate in hopes thy will willingly act ye just part towards every one as much as is in their Power as is hereinbefore directed. And as it is not my Will that my Exors. suffer any Demand by acting herein, and yet it is not my will nor mind that my Executors shall Take ten per cent of ye whole for their Service, of their Brethren and Sisters. But that for whatever time my Executors shall Spend and be at more Charges than my other heirs, an adequate Satisfaction, according to Christian Equity shall be made unto them For all such Purposes. It is my perfect Will and desire That all ye sd Matters and Things may be completed and done according to Brotherly Love and Christian Justice. That none may load any Guilt upon himself on account of such a trifle of Worldly Goods. And as to such are Disobedient hereunto, it will be good to make use of the Established Laws against them. At the Conclusion hereof, It is my Hearty Will and Desire to my Executors and heirs, and to ye overseers of ye Congregation afsd, To manage all in Love and Peace; to love ye sd poor Esther, and attend her well, hoping it will be Serviceable unto them in ye way of obtaining a greater Inheritance hereafter. This, my Testament or Will, is by me, Henry Funck, at the Time of my being in usual Good Health, and of Sound Understanding, perfected and Writ with my own hand.
                              HENRY FUNCK [SEAL]

Jacob Funck
Jacob Oberholtzer
Benedict Geman

Philada 25th April 1760 Then personally Appeared Jacob Funck and Jacob Oberholtzer two of the Witnefses to the foregoing Will and on their Solemn Affirmation according to law did Declare they saw and heard Henry Funck the Testator therein named Sign Seal Publish and Declare the same Will for and as his last Will and Testamt and that at the doing thereof he was of sound mind memory and understanding to the best of their Knowledge. Coram Wm Plumsted, Reg Genl.

Be it Remembered that on the 25th Day of April 1760 The Last Will and Testament of Henry Funck deceased in due form of Law was proved and Probated and Lettrs. Testamentary were granted to John Funck and Christian Funck Executors in the foregoing Will named, being Solemnly affirmed well and Truely to Administer the Deced.ts Estate and bring an Inventory thereof into the Register Generals Office at Philada at or before the 25th Day of May next and render a true acct. when Required. Given under ye seal of the sd. Office.
Wm. Plumsted, Regt Genl.8,9 His estate was probated on 25 April 1760 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. He was buried in Delp's graveyard, Franconia Township, Philadelphia County, now Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.


Anna Meyer b. c 1707, d. 8 Jul 1758


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